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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Placing an order is easy! Either fill in the "contacts" form at the bottom of the page, or send an email to  about what items you are looking for. We will work with you through several questions and help guide you through the order process!

What are your capabilities?

We are able to engrave, or mark most any material you can think of! Our machinery is capable of engraving organic materials like wood and leather and also engraving engineered plastics and metals! Glass as well! We can cut organic materials and plastics up to roughly 1/2" depending on material.

Engraving/Cutting areas in Inches for organics and glass: 35"x50"x9"

Engraving areas in Inches for Metals/Plastics:


What is your Minimum Order Quantity? (MOQ)

We are happy to help with any order size. We have produced as low as 1 piece and as many as 2000 pieces! We love both small and large orders. If you are looking for bulk orders for your business, please let us know when you are contacting us to help us determine the best options we have along with pricing. 

Do you supply materials?

Either you can or we can! We have access to many items from insulated drinkware, to journals, wood, etc.. and can offer you pricing for a completed product that includes engraving. However, if you would like to provide your own, that is fine too. We can get you pricing for engraving or cutting only.

Do you offer wholesale orders?

Yes! We offer wholesale products to several stores in the area, and would be happy to work with you as well! 

What is the turnaround time?

This will depend on your order size and what it consists of. Some projects can be done in as little as 1 day, and others may take several weeks to complete. We work to deliver the fastest and highest quality products, so please be patient with us! We also work day jobs during the day as well, but will always push to get your order complete in a timely manner!


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